Best Way Pool Accessories Set - 58195

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  • Brand:Best Way
  • Item Number:58195
  • Contents:Pole with vaccum and skimmer heads,One chemical floater,One thermometer,50 test strip,9 patches heavy-duty repair vaccum
  • Product Dimensions:23.03 x 6.3 x 15.35 inches
  • Item Weight:1.92 pounds
  • MAINTAIN YOUR POOL: This pool maintenance set includes a vacuum to suck off dirt and algae from the sides and floors of your pool while the skimmer net picks up leaves, insects, and debris off the water surface. Interchangeable heads let you switch between tasks effortlessly.
  • CLEAN POOL WITH EASE: Bestway swimming pool cleaning kit allows pool owners a simple cleaning solution instead of clearing or scrubbing debris by hand.
  • EASILY MONITOR THE POOL TEMPERATURE: This pool accessory kit includes a handy floating pool thermometer! Be able to monitor the pool's water temperature with ease.
  • ALWAYS KNOW WHEN TO USE POOL CHEMICALS: With the included chemical floater and test strips, you will always know chemical and chlorine levels and when it's safe for your family and friends to swim!
  • SIMPLE DISPOSAL: Debris and garbage are collected in a removable and reusable waste bag.
  • The Bestway® Pool Accessories Set is the perfect kit to keep your pool sparkling clean all season long. It consists of a 63.3 in. (1.61 m) aluminum pole with an interchangeable vacuum and skimmer head, chemical floater, floating pool thermometer, test strips and heavy-duty repair patches.
  • No tools are necessary. Collect debris from the pool walls and floor into the leaf bag which can be emptied and used time and time again. The length of the pole is designed for pools 13 ft deep and below. This is the perfect kit to keep your above ground pool clean.
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