Minevital Breathable Nailpolish (Brunneis)

Minevital Breathable nailpolish (brunneis)
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  • Brand: Minevital
  • Type: Nail Polish
  • Storage Period: 18 Months
  • Color: Brunneis
  • Quantity: 14.8 ML
  • Halal nail polish consists of an open lacquer basket.
  • It is developed on the basis of a chemical formula with thermoplastic polymer which, in conjunction with other auxiliaries and chemical reactions, penetrates and punctures the paint ñ or rather enters and creates amorphous regions: There are microscopic trails in the paint that allow the water particles to penetrate and rest on the nail belt:Thermoplastic polymers create amorphous regions in the paint.
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Size 14.8 ML
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