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Milton Lloyd America Pink Body Spray for Women, 150ml

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  • Brand: Milton-Lloyd
  • Scent name: America Colours
  • Gender: Women
  • Type: Body Spray
  • Quantity: 150ml
    • A rich floral spicy oriental fragrance with a distinctive orange flower accord. Additional floral notes come from Jasmin, with Ginger to add a spicy piquancy. Oriental back notes of soft sensual musk, warm amber and powdery vanilla give long lasting depth
    • America Pink Deodorant 150ml
    • Exclusive Deodorant for Women, Sweet, sporty, Refreshing, Fruity – Oriental Talb Lumig
    • Top:Orange, Flower
    • Middle:Spicy, Aromatic
    • Dry down:Amber, Vanilla
    • Genealogy:Oriental, Floral
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