Mdm - Pigeons - Pp - Moulting Premium 500g

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Product Details
  • Brand: MDM
  • Product Type:Bird Feed
  • Suitable For: Pegion
  • Quantity: 500g
Product Description
  • A rich mixture of ingredients and an attractive price for the molting period. Advantages: easily digestible, helps in feather regeneration, helps in portable devices and feather renewal. We use from September to January.
  • Ingredients:Yellow maize,Wheat,White sorghum,Yellow pea,Red sorghum,Yellow millet,Red maize,Green pea,Safflower,Field pea,Rapeseeds,Paddy rice,Flax seeds,Soya,Naked barley,Vetch,Lentil,Iregi sunflower,Black sunflower
Brand MDM
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