Makita Electric Hedge Trimmer 750Mm

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Product Details
  • Brand: Makita
  • Product Code: UH7580/220
  • Product Type: Hedge Trimmer
  • Continuous Rating Input: 670W
  • Power Supply Cord: 0.3m
  • Strokes per minutes: 3,000spm
  • Blade length: 750mm
  • Dimensions: 1157*223*206 mm
Product Description
  • The UH7580 Electric Hedge Trimmer has a powerful 700W motor and 75cm blade
  • It features the multi-grip system. Gripping front and main grips for easy hedge top trimming, front and sub grips for efficient side hedge trimming and main and sub grips for extra-long reach
  • The carbon brushes are easily accessible simply by removing two screws that fasten top cover, the clutch protects the gears from blade-lock when thick branch or obstacle gets caught in the blade
  • A blade tip guard prevents kickback and protects gears
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