Little Baby Rapunzell Shampoo, 150ml

  • Shampoo Little Baby Rapunzel Plus Argan Oil Ginseng Thailand Shampoo containing: Ginseng To clean toxins left in the hair on the scalp.
  • Vitamin B5 Provides beautiful, shiny, healthy hair that is strong, and does not break easily.
  • Olive Oil Adds moisture to hair to make hair look fresher.
  • Argan Oil Hair care to keep hair soft and protect hair from heat and sunlight.
  • Extending hair 3x faster. Healthy normal hair can grow 1.25cm / month. With rapunzell usage, your hair grows up to 10cm in 3 months!
  • Repair damaged, branched, broken, broken hair.
  • Reducing hair loss due to broken and not strong.
  • Grow new hair so that the hair will become thicker.
  • Restores the glow of dull hair to make it look shiny and lightning 6. Anti tangle and anti frizzy.
  • Protect each strand of hair to keep it smooth.
How to Use:
  • Thoroughly wet your hair.
  • Lather a quarter size amount of shampoo in your palms and then work into your roots.
  • You don’t need to shampoo the tips of your hair.
  • Rinse out all of the shampoo.
  • Apply conditioner, concentrating on the ends.
  • Rinse with cold water.
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