Little Baby Rapunzell Hair Treatment, 200ml

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  • Brand: Little Baby
  • Type:Hair Treatment
  • Targeted group:Women
  • Quantity:200ml
  • Suitable Hair Type: All
  • Country of Origin: Thailand
    • Rapunzell Treatment helps to adjust the hair to look shiny and soft.
    • With Double Moisture ingredient that keeps the skin moisturised.
    • The head by infiltrating the internal hair along with the coating line
    • External hair to retain moisture and also help maintain balance
    • Moisture of the hair and scalp after washing.
    • Rapunzell Treatment makes hair straight with weight.
    • Hair fermentation, accelerating long hair, restoring to the inner hair core, very good, soft hair. But if you steam it, it's even softer. Experience a new cleansing and detoxification experience.
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