LDNIO 4 Power Socket + 4 USB Adapter Extension Socket, White

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  • Brand:LDNIO
  • Model number:SC4407
  • Type: Extension Socket
  • Color:White
  • Cable length:2 Meter
  • Rated Power:2500W
  • Material:Fireproof PC material
  • Output:3.4A/18W
    • LDNIO SC4407 Four Universal Sockets Combo 4 USB Port Support QC3.0 fast charging Extension AC Universal Power Strip.
    • Universal Outlet. 4 Devices Can Work At the Same Time.
    • Safety MarkUniversal Outlet Overload Protection (red button)
    • Independent Switch, Energy-Saving and Safe Design.
    • Stable Power Supply, Keep Your System Running At Optimal Performance.
    • Fireproof PC Material, Comply with National Fireproof Standard Resistant Temperature Can Reach Up to 700’C.
    • Suitable for International Standard Plugs and Adapters.
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