Lae Sa Luay Hair Spa Smooth Keratin, 250ml

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  • Brand:Lae Sa Luay
  • Type:Keratin crean
  • Targeted group:Men & Women
  • Quantity:250ml
    • Contain concentrated keratin that helps to soften hair.
    • Restoring damaged hair to be shiny and sleek.
    • Deep hair cells repair from something dry bend dye stretch.
    • Vitamin B-5 helps to hydrate scalp, prevent hair loss.
    • Deep cleansing. Anti- dandruff.
    • Visible result in first time use.
    • Non sticky. No harmful chemicals.
    • Anti blisters.
    • Effectiveness strengthens the roots of hair.
    • Repairing dry and branched hair
    • Remove dandruff
    • Natural and greasy hair ties
    • Straighten the wavy hair in just 1 application
    Ingredients :
      Water, Cetearyl Alcohol, White Oil, Jo Jo Bar Oil, Conditioner, Pearl, Citric Acid Methylparaben, B-5, Vitamin Serum, Olive Oil
    How to Use:
    • After shampooing, apply treatment and leave on 5 minutes with massage onto your hair or streaming 15-20 minutes.
    • In the end, rinse thoroughly with water.
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