Lae Sa Luay All In One Hair Keratin Serum, 50ml

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  • Brand:Lae Sa Luay
  • Type:Keratin Serum
  • Targeted group:Men & Women
  • Quantity:50ml
      This product is potent in moisturizing, nourishing hair, and makes hair super easy to manage. Premium formula all-inclusive charcoal. Causing dry hair to soften from the roots so that it is easy to set. Reduce hair oil and straightening it and keep the dye and reduce the fallout.
    • Moisturizes dry hair
    • Softens hair from root to tip so it's easy to style
    • Strengthens hair to the roots
    • Reduces oily hair
    • Direct use of finished hair shine and flash
    • Maintain hair color and reduce hair fall
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