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Krypton 2.2L Stainless Steel Electric Kettle with Auto cutoff

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  • Brand: Krypton
  • Model Number: KNK6127
  • Type: Kettle
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 2.2 Litre
  • Power: 1600 W
  • Boil Dry Protection: Yes
  • 360 Degree Rotational Base
  • Auto Mode: Auto-shut Off
  • Concealed Heating Element
  • AC: 220-240V 50/60Hz

    • THERMOS FUNCTION-Water inside the kettle can keep its temperature longer, thanks to the double layer body. Double walls allow the kettle to heat up faster, thus saving time and energy. But despite the function of keeping the temperature, during operation, the water boiler does not heat up from outside more than 40 degrees outside due to two walls made of steel and high-quality plastic. This prevents unpleasant burns and makes it safe.
    • EASY TO CLEAN-This small kettle is very convenient to wash because the appliance lid is opened at 75 degrees and firmly fixed. This makes it easy to pour water inside and rinse it manually with water. In these models of kettles, you can also remove the filter and rinse it under running water. The closed heating element also prevents accumulation of scurf.
    • FAST BOILING-When the filter kettle is completely filled with water, boiling will take no more than 5-6 minutes. The closed heating element greatly accelerates the operation of the device.


    • STAINLESS STEEL MATERIAL - The material of this tea kettle made of high-quality material can keep the temperature longer. Steel will protect the device from damage. This ensures a durable work of the kettle.
    • CONVENIENT STAND - These kettles cordless can be installed as you like and it can be rotated 360 ?. A special round stand allows you to turn the kettle in any convenient direction, and inside it is also built a hidden compartment for storing the wire of the device.
    • AUTO CUT-OFF - It is not necessary to manually turn off this mini kettle. If you turn on the kettle and forget about it, the device will automatically turn off when it is heated to 100 degrees. Also, it automatically turns off when the device is removed from the stand. The automatic shut-off function will not allow the heating element to deteriorate ahead of time.
    • 2.2L CAPACITY - The volume of the electric kettles allows you to boil enough water for 7 cups of tea. Therefore, in the evening with the family, you do not have to boil water several times. Just use this capacious electric kettle.
    • DOUBLE LAYER BODY - This black and white kettle also performs the function of the thermos. The body of the device consists of two materials, which keep the temperature inside and prevent heating of the kettle from the outside. The double walls of the device are able to store boiled water in case you want to make tea or coffee later.
    Brand Krypton
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