Korkmaz 11 Pieces Nea Granite 2XL Cookware Set, A-2603, Grey

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  • Brand:Korkmaz
  • Model Number:A-2603
  • Type:Cookware Set
  • Color:Grey
  • Material:Granite coating
  • Set of: 11 Pieces



  • Excellent non-stick coating inside
  • Extremely scratch resistance and durable
  • Manufactured using eco friendly process
  • No toxic fumes emitted while cooking
  • Easy to clean
  • Free of harmful heavy metals such as lead and cadmium
  • High heat conductivity allows cooking with low flame
  • Can use less oil compared to other pans allowing healthier cooking
  • Manufactured by easily recyclable materials
  • Excellent scratch proof interior PTFE coating with Volkanit effects and high temperature resistant silicone coating allow us to prepare delicious meals with less oil.

Set Includes:

  • Casserole 18x9 cm/2.0 Lt, 22x11 cm/3,8 Lt, 24x12.5 cm/5.0 Lt, 26x13 cm/7.0 Lt, 30x15 cm/10.0 Lt
  • Frypan 26x5,5 cm/2.0 Lt
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Brand Korkmaz
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