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KORG Pa500 Oriental Professional Arranger Keyboard

KORG Pa500 Oriental Professional Arranger Keyboard
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  • Four stereo processors provide up to 128 effects with a 3-band parametric EQ available on each track.
  • Korg Pa500-ORT has over special Middle Eastern styles

Product Description Korg Pa500-ORT

  • 61-Key Professional Arranger from Korg is ideal for the musician, composer, performer and entertainer alike with Korg Pa500-ORT's stellar features and a price tag that won't break the bank.
  • RX (Real eXperience) technology is used to achieve stunning sounds just like Korg Pa500-ORT's big brothers Pa800 or Pa2XPro.
  • Programming is simple with the TouchView interface, while realistic articulation can be controlled with the 4-way joystick.
  • Four stereo processors provide up to 128 effects with a 3-band parametric EQ available on each track.
  • Korg Pa500-ORT has over special Middle Eastern styles plus 320 styles programmed by some of the leading arrangers in the world each with up to 8 parts, 4 variations, and 3 intros/count-ins/fills/breaks/endings.
  • Performance can be custom tailored to your specifications with the Tap Tempo, Fade In/Out and Manual Bass features.
  • Create accurate guitar parts with picking, strum, chokes, slides, hammer-ons and guitar-specific artifacts while enhancing guitar tracks of standard MIDI-files.
  • Expand your musical database for live performance with the SongBook feature with pre-programmed settings such as Sounds, Style, Performance, Volumes, Muted Tracks, FX settings, Easy Edit, STS settings, and Master Transpose for every song you need to play.
  • Back up your data to SD or MMC cards and uses USB or MIDI for connection with your computer.
  • This version of the Pa-500 is uniquely outfitted for Middle Eastern musicians with its extra sounds, styles and quarter tone sub scale settings.


  • Intuitive Layout Everything from the Korg Pa500-ORT 61-key velocity sensitive keyboard to the touch screen LCD is designed for an easy working experience.
  • Effects Korg Pa500-ORT's four stereo master effect processors provide hundreds of effects, including reverb, delay, chorus, and much more for added richness and depth.
  • Styles Hundreds of styles in a wide variety of genres are included to give you the full power of a backup band without the hassles.
  • Middle Eastern Styles Tunisia: Fazzani, Ghita, Bounawara, Zaby / Sougua, Saadawi, Alleji Morocco: Karatchi, Issawi, Sahrawi Shaby Iraq: Chuby, Gnuby, Gorgina, All Rub3, Khashaba Khaligi: Khaligi Rumba, Khbeaty, Bandary, Dosary, Shaby
  • Middle Eastern Sounds 104 extra instruments including Kanon, Nay, Ud, Kawala, Arabic Strings, Mejwez, Mezwed, Yargohol, Zukra, Chubebe, Zurna, Chabi, Tabla, Req, Daf, Bandir, Tabel, Katem, Kasur, and Khishabah.
  • Quarter Tone Sub Scale Access quarter tone scales on the fly with 4 presets or the joystick.
  • Giving you two 16-track sequencers to work with, the XDS Double Sequencer lets you play one sequence while loading another, perform DJ-style cross fades, or play two sequences simultaneously.
  • SongBook The SongBook function of Korg Pa500-ORT is a programmable musical database that lets you instantly access all the necessary settings for a needed song - great for taking requests.
  • Full Controls Everything from a pitch/modulation joystick to assignable sliders, switches, and pads give you full, precise control over the system. A damper pedal input, assignable pedal input, are provided for hands-off control.
  • MIDI and USB plus SD/MMC Korg Pa500-ORT has both MIDI and USB connectivity with an SD/MMC card slot for data backup.


  • Korg Pa500-ORT Keyboard: 61 Keys with Velocity and Aftertouch.
  • Polyphony: 80.
  • Multitimbral: Not specified by the manufacturer.
  • Synthesis Method: EDS (Extended Definition Synthesis) 80 Voices, 80 Oscillators - Filters with Resonance - Three band EQ for each track.
  • Presets: 1024 sounds 64 drumsets.
  • User Memory: 128 user sounds.
  • 64 user drum kits.
  • 320 styles
  • 256 performance locations
  • Effects: 128 effects with 3 band paramwtric EQ on each track.
  • Sequencer: Quick Record (Backing Sequence), Multitrack and Step Record functions - Full-featured sequencer - 16 tracks - Up to 200,000 events - SMF native format.
  • Controllers: Master Volume, Real Time-Acc/Seq Balance Volume, Ensemble, Octave Transpose, Master Transpose, Style Change, Split, Quarter Tone Arabic Scale , User Scale memorized inside Performance/STS - Realtime controllers: Joystick (pitch + modulation), 1 Assignable Slider, 1 Assignable Switch, Dial, Up/+, Down/-
  • Expansion Slots: SD (Secure Digital) Card and MultiMedia Card (MMC) Memory Devices.
  • Sample RAM: None.
  • Outputs: Unbalanced Jack Left/Mono, Right.
  • Inputs: 2 Unbalanced Line In Jacks.
  • Headphone Output: Yes.
  • SCSI: No.
  • Internal Storage: 880 Sounds, including a Stereo Piano and GM Level 2 compatible Sounds, 56 Drum Kits - User area: 128 Sounds, 64 Drum Kits - Realtime control: Assignable Slider, Switch - Full editing of Sounds and Drum Kits.
  • External Storage: via SD/MMC or USB.
  • Display: 320 x 240 pixels, Monochrome TouchView Graphic Touch Screen.
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 42.2 x 15.9 x 7.5" (1074 x 404 x 183mm).
  • Weight: 21.8 lbs (9.9kg).
Brand KORG
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