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KORG D1 Digital Piano Black

KORG D1 Digital Piano Black
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  • The playing feel of a grand piano, on stage or in your room.
  • A speaker-less slim piano ideal for daily practice or performing live. For players interested not only in classical, but also jazz, rock, or funk, the convenience of being able to play in a practice room plus the mobility to take the D1 anywhere is key. On top of that, a carefully fine-tuned playing feel is crucial.
  • The D1 is a piano that delivers on all counts for pianists and keyboardists of any genre.
  • The D1 is focused on providing the ultimate in slim, compact design.
  • The result is a top-class keyboard that reproduces the playing feel of a grand piano, and yet is highly portable.
  • With its high-quality keybed developed by KORG and a rich variety of 30 sounds that will shine on stage, this instrument is the perfect fit for daily practice or performance

Korg D1 88-key Digital Piano Features:

  • A compact digital piano/MIDI controller you can take anywhere Japanese-built Korg RH3 weighted hammer-action keybed 5 types of touch control 30 high-quality onboard sounds (stereo PCM sound generation)
  • Studio-grade effects: Brilliance, Reverb, and Chorus (3 levels each) Cutting-edge technology meticulously reproduces the resonances of a grand piano Metronome: Tempo, Time signature, Accent, Sound, and Volume controls 1/4" Line Out jacks, MIDI I/O DIN connectors also provided Damper pedal jack (supports half-pedaling)
  • Music rest and compact damper pedal included Included DC 9V AC adapter power supply.
  • Japanese-made high-quality RH3 keybed The D1 features a real weighted hammer action 3 (RH3) keybed that reproduces the touch of a grand piano, where the low notes are heavier and the action becomes lighter as you play toward the higher notes. With this keybed's natural-feeling touch and weight, you'll want to keep playing it forever..
  • A compact body that you can take anywhere The chassis construction has been rethought with a new structure and design that slims the body to a depth of approximately 26 cm* (10.24"), the minimum depth that still allows enjoyable playing. Even though the D1 features a full-fledged weighted keybed, it's highly mobile, and can be carried anywhere in its dedicated SC-D1 soft case (sold separately). The stylish ST-SV1 stand (sold separately) completes a great-looking setup on stage or in your room..
  • *: Without the music rest
  • Thirty high-quality sounds The D1 contains a total of 30 richly expressive sounds which include not only a variety of piano sounds to cover genres such as classical, jazz, and pop, but also electric piano, organ, and clavi sounds that will be useful on stage, and even sounds such as vibraphone, acoustic guitar, and strings..
  • Rich piano sounds geared for realism In order to achieve a playing feel that's amazingly close to that of an acoustic piano, the sound switches between four piano samples depending on the dynamics of your performance. From a delicate touch to dynamic fortissimo, the sound responds realistically to your playing. The overall piano sound is enjoyable to play and delivers an authentic experience..
  • Serious electric piano sounds The electric piano sounds reproduce not only the tonal differences in response to your playing touch but also the key-off noise. Six variations are built in, covering sounds often used in the popular music of the '60s and '70s as well as tones that are treasured in soul music..
  • Organ sounds Six versatile sounds are provided, ranging from sounds used in rock or jazz to solemn pipe organ tones..
  • Cutting-edge technology faithfully reproduces the resonances of a grand piano The D1 features functionality that reproduces the sound of a grand piano, enabling natural-sounding and great-feeling performances..
  • Damper resonance The Concert Piano, Grand Piano and Jazz Piano sounds reproduce damper resonance, realistically simulating the spacious resonance produced by the sympathetic vibration of the strings when you hold down the damper pedal of an acoustic piano..
  • Key-off simulation The D1 also simulates the decay of the sound when you take your finger off a key and the way in which your playing technique affects the string resonance, responding to staccato or legato in a natural way that further enhances the expressiveness of your performance..
  • Convenient functions that you expect from a digital piano The metronome can be turned on/off at a touch. Layer mode lets you layer two sounds simply by pressing two sound buttons simultaneously, for example letting you combine strings or vibraphone with the piano sound that you're playing. The touch control function lets you choose from five settings (light, standard, heavy, stable, fixed) to specify how the sound responds to your playing dynamics, allowing you to enjoy performing with the response of your choice. Three high-quality effects are also built-in: brilliance, reverb, and chorus. The optimal effect for each internal sound is already specified as a preset, so you can simply select a sound and focus on playing it with the best possible tone..
  • Standard-sized LINE OUT jacks, and also MIDI IN/OUT connectors The D1 provides the external connection jacks that you'll need on stage. The standard-sized LINE OUT jacks can be connected directly to amplified speakers or to recording equipment. MIDI IN/OUT connectors are also provided. You can connect these via a MIDI interface to your computer, and use the D1 as a MIDI keyboard or as a piano sound module..
  • Music rest and dedicated pedal for stage play are included The music rest that's indispensable for stage performance is included standard, and can easily be attached to the D1. Also included is a compact-sized damper pedal for convenient portability..

Tech Specs

  • Number of Keys: 88.
  • Type of Keys: Real Weighted Hammer Action (RH3).
  • Presets: 30 Sounds, Stereo PCM Sound Generation.
  • Polyphony: 120 Notes.
  • Effects: Reverb, Chorus, Brilliance.
  • Audio Outputs: 2 x 1/4" (L/mono, R).
  • MIDI I/O: In/Out.
  • Pedal Inputs: 1 x 1/4" (damper).
  • Pedal Included: DS-1H Damper Pedal.
  • Display: LED.
  • Power Supply: 9V AC adapter (included).
  • Height: 5.04".
  • Width: 52.24".
  • Depth: 10.35".
  • Weight: 35.27 lbs..
  • Manufacturer Part Number: D1.
Brand KORG
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