Kn95 Disposable Mask-1 Piece with Ziplock Bag

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  • KN95 masks can reduce the likelihood of infection by SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens through airborne transmission. KN95 masks are recommended by the FDA as an acceptable substitution for N95 masks that are restricted by FEMA for use by healthcare workers in hot spots.
  • These masks are manufactured with the same nanotechnology as the N95 but do not require NIOSH inspection.
  • KN95 masks are a great alternative for public use and are approved by the WHO as a safety measure from COVID-19. These masks are phenomenal for workplaces, public areas, stores, and other locations where social distancing isnt possible.


  • Suitable for adults¬†daily travel protection, not suitable for toxic gas environment use.


  • Please use mask correctly to avoid serious consequences caused by improper use.
  • DISPOSABLE: Masks are disposable and cannot be washed.
  • 1 pc with ziplock bag
  • Antibacterial Face Mask KN95 Grade FDA Approved Protection! This essential hygiene product is made of 5 high-quality layers designed to protect you from dust, germs and infectious disease.
  • There are also high-density micropores on each side to ensure smooth breathing.
  • Our masks are FDA and CE Certified. These KN95 masks mirror the standards of the US N95 masks and are effective against filtering out 95% of particles that are greater than 0.3 m in diameter including viruses, bacteria, and pollen.Offers comparable protection to N95 masks.
  • Great for public areas where social distancing is not possible.
  • Crafted with the same technology as N95 masks.
  • Ear loops and nose clip adheres flush fit that keeps any air from seeping in or out.
  • Skin friendly dont cause skin irritation or rash
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