KingPack Rectangular Aluminium Container with Lid (10 Pieces x 3 Packet)

KingPack Aluminium Containers - 8389 ALU - 10pcs x 3pkt
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Product Details
  • Type: Aluminium Container with Lid
  • Colour: Silver
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Size: 10 Pieces x 3 Packet
Product Description
  • These standard rectangular aluminum pans are a perfect for both home or commercial use.
  • Perfect for Catering Supplies and Food Packaging: These pans are ideal for small take-out, side dishes, pastries, food service, and work great for hot or cold meals.
  • Seal fresh and prevent wastage: Trays come with lid cover to enable a tight seal for better food preservation.
  • Durable Aluminum Foil Pan: Sturdy pan, great for storing a variety of foods; Perfect for baking, hot in the oven and cold for long storage.
  • Keeps food fresh for longer and prevents decay. Leaves your food 100% bacteria free and tastes intact.
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