Microwavable Black Base Rectangular Container With Lid (3 Pieces x 2 Packet)

KingPack 8366- Black Base Microwave Container - 3pcs x 2pkt
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Product Details
  • Type: Microwavable Container
  • Colour: Black(Base),Clear(Lid)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Pack Of: 3 Pcs x 2 Packet
Product Description
  • Straight walls: Unlike pie pans which have angled walls, the walls of these deep pans are straight, ideal for storing or serving, large amounts of food, without the need to clean up.
  • Freezer & microwave oven safe: Our round plastic pans are completely safe for use in the microwave & freezer, and even the lids are freezer safe, which makes them the perfect container for storing food, meal prep and reheating leftovers.
  • Great for serving guests at your picnic, party, or catered event.
  • Durable quality: These high quality pans feature a full curl rim which provides rigidity and can be held or gripped. These pans are flat bottomed which makes storing and reheating very easy.
  • Large quantity: This generous pack comes with 3 heavy plastic BPA-Free pans with clear plastic lids.
  • Thanks to Kingpack's Disposable Plastic Pans your time in the kitchen is sure to be quick, easy and painless.
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