KingPack 7oz Disposable Paper Cups (50 Pieces x 3 Packet )

KingPack 7oz Paper Cup – 3pkts
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Product Details
  • Type: Disposable Paper Cups
  • Material: Paper
  • Capacity: 7 oz
  • Size: 50 Pieces x 3 Packet
Product Description
  • High quality disposable coffee cups – the perfect to go paper cups for your home, office or business.
  • Use them with your hot drinks all day long. High-grade paper cups with handles – comfy fitting handles for your disposable tea cups allows you to not spill your drink.
  • Made of best materials with optimal thickness and superior insulation.
  • Fun design – with a fun design the guests will be impressed by the simple and classy look of your hot cups.
  • The 7oz coffee cups are perfect for any occasion Reheat and reuse the 7oz hot paper cup– with a sturdy construction and a thorough quality check we made sure you will never have a problem with our microwave friendly cups, even if you forget your espresso cup on the desk over the weekend. No seam leaks. Environmentally friendly.
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Material Silicon
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