Katz Menu Oldies 2 Kg

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Product Details
  • Brand: Katz Menu
  • Product Type: Cat Food
  • Suitable for: Cat
  • Quantity: 7.5 Kg
  • Special for outdoor
  • For strong Joints
  • Help in digesion
  • Prevent Hair balls
  • Product Description
  • Katz Menu Oldies 2 Kg
  • Some cats are very active and enjoy spending a great deal of time outdoors
  • Their territory is up to 100 times bigger than that of an indoor cat
  • This is why Katz Menu Fitness is a mixture of energy rich poultry-based chunks
  • This extra energy will help your cat to compensate for its repeated outdoor efforts
  • You can rest assured Katz Menu will give your cat enough energy to stay active throughout the day
  • This nourishment is enriched with green tea extracts
  • This source of natural antioxidants protects cats bodies from harmful free radicals, thereby maximising the efficiency of the cat's immune system and vital functions
  • Brand Katz
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