Kahvemo Coffee Instant Milky Pistachio Coffee 24x14g

Kahvemo Coffee Pistachio Coffee
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Product Details
  • Brand: Sekeroglu
  • Product Type: Coffee
  • Flavor: Pistachio
  • Quantity: 14g x 24 Packets
Product Description
  • Just pour the contents into a small demitasse cup and pour hot water over it. That's all you have to do
  • Pistachio (Menengic) coffee is a delicious Turkish specialty beverage that is made from the roasted Pistachio tree seeds (Pistacia terebinthus)
  • It has a very pleasant pistachio taste and smell
  • They make it by roasting and grinding the fruits from these trees which grows in the mountainous regions of Turkey
  • It does not contain any caffeine but has the same texture as drinking foamy Turkish coffee
  • You can also add it to your Turkish coffee as a natural flavoring
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