Juice Roll-Upz Grape Ice

CubaT-Juice Roll-Upz Grape Ice
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  • Brand:Juice Roll Upz
  • Type:SaltNic
  • Size:60ml
  • Nicotine : 3mg
    • Grape vape juice Ice by Juice Roll Upz Ice 60ml bottle will give hope for grape candy and menthol flavors alike. For a while, vape enthusiasts have craved the perfect grape flavored vape juice.
    • Grape tends to be more of a floral perfume taste or more medicinal. Grape flavors continuously promised vapers with an exciting new flavor to bring hope to the purple fruit. Sadly, most attempts fell for the perfume taste and some couldn't deliver any hope at all.
    • Flavor Profile: Grape, Menthol, Candy
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