Ice Castle: 5 (Daisy Dreamer)

Ice Castle: 5 (Daisy Dreamer)
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  • Categories: 6-8 years, 9-12 years, Children.
  • Hi! Iím Daisy Dreamer and my totally true imaginary friend Posey and I are going on a winter adventure! Oh, and youíre totally invited, too.I love snow days! I mean, who doesnít? But do you know whatís better than a snow day? A snow day in the World of Make-Believe! Obviously!
  • But do you know whatís even better than that? A snow day in the World of Make-Believe visiting a really real Ice Castle! Join Posey and me, as we build snow-nimals, go bed-sledding, and have a brrr-tastic snowberang fight. Thereís just one thing to remember: Stay out of the Ice Castleís tower. It may be a little cursed, but thatís snow reason to not come along.
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