Hurdle Set 30cm, Orange

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  • Type:Hurdles Set
  • Color:Orange
  • Size:30cm
  • Number of Hurdles: 5
  • Suitable For:Adults, Children
  • Used For:Knee lift and stepping
  • Weight:3.5 kg
    • The perfect training hurdles for quick knee lift and stepping. Position hurdles for agility drills, running drills and jumps. Use with forward and lateral drills. Constructed from PVC tubing making them light to avoid any injury should the user come in contact.
    • Hurdles are 30cm in height and is supplied as a set of 5. Hurdles are a fantastic preseason and all year training tool for a multitude of sporting codes and individual sports. they work on intensive cardio vascular activity and promote great speed and agility which is of benefit to participants in many sports.
    • Resistant Speed Hurdle with a height of 30 cm, for conditioning, agility, and running exercises, regardless of the skill level of the athlete. Ideal for the composition of training circuits.
    • It allows multiple training solutions based on movement, speed, and endurance. They help improving knee lift and step quickness, while the shape of the tubular guarantees safety and its lightweight makes it easy carrying and storage.
    • Great training aid for increasing foot speed, agility and lateral power
    • High quality great value 30cm hurdles are an essential agility, and foot speed training aid
    • Develops correct stride technique, knee lift mechanics and body balance
    • Great for change of direction, fast feet and jumping drills
    • Simple drills for all ages and all levels
    • Hurdles can be used indoors or out and are weather resistant
    • Lightweight and easily stored
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