Homeway HW250 Nonstick Casserole, 24cm

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  • Brand: Homeway
  • Model number: HW250
  • Type: Casserole
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Diameter: 24 cm
  • Weight: 2Kg
  • Homeway Cooking Pot offers excellent grip and a comfortable hold. This cooking pot is safe to use on induction ovens or stoves.This durable cooking pot by Homeway offers trouble free and safe cooking. Featuring an aluminum body, this pot ensures durability and long time use.
  • The nonstick base of the pot makes it ideal for healthy and burn free food. It also allows you use this pot on induction ovens. This cooking pot ensures stable heat transfer. The excellently designed pot offers excellent grip to hold the vessel securely. The pot is safe to use on ovens or stoves.
  • 24cm casserole with Lid Non stick cooking utensil 3 layer non-stick coating Black color , Food grade Aluminium.
  • EAT HEALTHY: This Homeway cooking pot is made from heavy gauge aluminum that provides durable and long term use for home cooking. The base of this pot distributes heat evenly and cooks perfectly to your satisfaction. The nonstick surface of this cooking pot prevents food from burning or sticking to the cooking surface.
  • COMFORTABLE COOKING: The ergonomic design of this cooking pot is easy to clean and offers stable heat transfer. The soft touch handle of this pot ensures comfortable holding with a proper grip. Enjoy cooking delicious meals with this pot.
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Brand Homeway
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