Highlighter Fluopeps Classic BE Bx=12

? MAPED neon peps highlighters for brilliant colours ? ? Highlight with vibrant colours ? Maximum comfort ? Accuracy and efficiency guaranteed ? MAPED fluorescent highlighters allow you to highlight all your documents in a sparkling way at home, at work or at school. ? The extra-soft bevelled tips of the fluorescent highlighters provide unique comfort and precision never previously achieved by a highlighter. These tips are specially designed to deliver consistent ink throughput throughout the stroke. Free to draw fine or thick strokes, according to your needs. With its soft and flexible coating, the Classic fluorescent highlighters ensure easy handling of all types of documents. They will find their place perfectly in a school bag, or on a work desk. ? Because the quality of a highlighter pen is not only measured by the shine of its colours, MAPED has put all its know-how to develop effective highlighters over time. The neon highlighters feature caps that hold securely in the pen. They will not open on their own and will not dry even if the cap is not delivered immediately (up to 4 hours). ? Since its creation in 1947, MAPED (precision and drawing manufacturer) has been supporting its development in industrial know-how, culture innovation and responsiveness to offer its users ever more effective and durable solutions. Family industrial group present on the 6 continents and in more than 125 countries, MAPED is today the world leader in school and office supplies.
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