Hexa Hoops Set With Carrying Bag, Orange

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  • Type:Hexa Hoops
  • Color:Orange
  • Set of: 6
  • Sport:Fitness
  • Suitable for:Adults
    • Pack of Hexa Hoops Set can be configured in a variety of shapes to maximize footwork training.
    • Make a straight line of rings, a staggered pattern or a hopscotch like grid. Great endurance and muscle-toning workout.
    • Perfect training for soccer, football, basketball, and practically all other sports.
    • Agility hoops rings were developed by world-class athletic performance specialists to go beyond traditional footwork ladders and dramatically improve your dynamic agility through precise plyometric actions.
    • Trainers and athletes say they use this for their bounding, jumping, and hopping exercise because it packs small and sets up fast.
    • Hexa Hoops Set of 6 with clips and carrying bag
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