Hero Baby Banana Mandarin Pear 125g

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Product Details
  • Brand: Hero Baby
  • Type: Baby Food
  • Flavor: Banana,Mandarin,Pear
  • Size: 125g
  • Storage: Store In Cool And Dry Place
Product Description
  • This vivid trio of smooth banana, tropical mandarins, and juicy pears is bursting with the delightful taste of summer.
  • This trio of fruity goodness is a great energy booster as it contains natural sugars along with B Vitamins which keeps baby energetic.
  • Mandarins are a great source of flavonoids and Vitamin C, combined with other antioxidants present in pear helps in stimulating the Immune system.
  • Pear also has specific antimicrobial properties that further enhances baby’s immune system.
  • The presence of bananas contribute in keeping the heart and nerves healthy as bananas are rich in potassium.
  • Soluble fibers from banana and pear makes it easy on baby’s tummy as it helps in regulating the bowel movement.
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