Hasbro Hot Tub High Dive E1919EU40

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Product Details
  • Brand:Hasbro
  • Product Type:
  • Age Recommended:4+
  • Color: Brown
  • Weight:1 Kilograms
  • Dimensions- LxWxH:8.1 x 26.7 x 26.7 Centimeters
Product Description
  • The Hot Tub High Dive board game includes a demo bottle of bubble solution
  • This fun game for families and kids ages 4 and up is easy to play. Press the big red button and send the diver up or down the ladder
  • Every press of the button increases the amount of foam in the tub. Once the diver reaches the top, he'll drop into the tub, launching a ball of foam at an unlucky player
  • Get the family together to play the hilarious Hot Tub High Dive game! Imagine the laughs as friends and family play this silly and sudsy game
  • This kids' game requires no special skills and there's no keeping score. It's a game of luck and laughs.
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