Haier Twin Tub Washer - 13kg

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  • Brand:Haier
  • Model number:HWM160-1128S
  • Type:Twin Tub Washer
  • Color:White/Blue
  • Washing Capacity:13kg
  • Dry Capacity:10kg
  • Highest Spin Speed: ≈1300
  • Dimensions:1050*900*537mm
  • Weight:45kg
    Air Dry
      Special drier hole keeps the fresh air in the spin tub all the time, making the washing machine away from germs, easily drying the clothes, high efficient and practical.
    Storage Box
      Put storage box casually, put the detergent in right place, it's convenient and tidy.
    • Transparent Lid
    • Air Dry
    • Control Mode
    • Soaking Wash
    • Dynamic Balance
    • Storage Gasket
    • Annual Energy Consumption:50 Kilowatt Hours Per Year
    • Access Location:Top Load
    • Crispers/Drawers:2
    • Material Type:Plastic
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