Gym Ball (Exercise ball) Size 65, Multicolor

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  • Type: Gym Ball
  • Color: Multicolour
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: 65cm
  • Rate up to 1100lbs
    • A gym ball is an exceptionally versatile fitness training accessory that allows users to do an endless number of exercises for all parts of the body and even helps in rehabilitation. If you are looking for a reliable gym ball, a suitable choice could be this imported gym ball.
    • This gym ball can be used for a number of stretching exercises, Pilates and rehabilitative exercises. This inflatable anti burst gym ball comes with a foot pump that allows you to pump air into the ball with ease. You can easily carry the ball wherever you choose and enjoy a comprehensive workout anytime. The ball can be used by both men and women for training purposes.
    • This exercise ball is perfect for barre classes, pilates mat classes, and yoga classes so you can get in shape in complete comfort. Helps to get in shape and sculpt the upper body. Crunches and other ab exercises can also be performed. It helps to get six pack abs. These balls are also used to aid pregnant women in delivery. Perfect for Balance, Core Strength, Yoga, Fitness in Home, Gym or as a Desk Chairs to correct your posture and support your Back in Office.
    • Anti-burst ball is designed to stay elastic and squishy when fully inflated. Made from thick PVC to withstand years of use making it a great addition to any workout or exercise routine. This ball won’t crumble under pressure. Perfect for at home and on the go health conscious individuals. It’s slightly textured to stay in place while you exercise. Easy for any age and fitness levels.
    • Exercise Ball:-The balls play an important role in the treatment of back problems, and it has been proven to help the gentle muscle building in the area of physiotherapy
    • Ball Chair / Active Sitting:Improving Balance & Core Strength, Relieving Back Pain,Adjusting Posture. A stability ball offers a better way of sitting behind your desk
    Kit Includes:
      Workout guide, extra plugs and pump
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