Globalstar Barber Brush Db-1200

Globalstar barber brush db-1200
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Product Details
  • Brand: Globalstar
  • Product Type: Shaving Brush
  • Handle Material: Wood
Product Description
  • Its synthetic fibers are made of PBT with black hi-brush technology
  • It is extraordinary similar to the natural black badger hair thanks to its firmness and softness
  • Its fibers are very hygienic and are an alternative to the traditional badger shaving brushes, respectful of the environment and maintaining all the benefits and quality of the natural hair shaving brushes
  • Its ergonomic shape and light weight will give you a unique shaving experience
  • Softness and freshness will be with you throughout the day
  • The handle is made with olive wood that gives it resistance, ensuring a long lasting usable life
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