Geepas Radio With 4 Band - AM SW FM TV

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  • Brand:Geepas
  • Model Number:GR6821
  • Type:Band Radio
  • Color: Black
  • Supported radio bands: 4-Band
  • FM/TV/AM : Yes
  • Earphone included : Yes
  • Cassette Recorder/Player : No
  • USB/MP3/TF Player/Karaoke : No
  • LCD Screen : No

    • VOLUME/TUNNING CONTROLS - Easy to control volume and changing to different stations by turning the individual knobs. Nothing more complicated with these 2 control knobs.
    • 4 BAND FM/AM RADIO - Strong FM reception. Automatically search and save all available stations in your area. It can also manually input a station using the tuning knob. Come with Geepas TV, SM, AM and FM bands, lots of choice for radio fans.
    • CLASSICAL FM/AM/TV/SM TUNER - Frequency range: 87-108MHz FM, 520-1730kHz AM. Strong reception with this AM FM radio. Long antenna in this transistor radio will strengthen the FM signal in somewhere with weak reception. Good quality of AM receiver inside the portable radio.
    • POWERFUL SOUND - High-performance speaker ensures a clear and loud sound, the high-quality sound fills your room to meet your high demand for speaker quality. Great for indoor daily news reporter or outdoor activity partner like walking/hiking as well as on travel.


    • LARGE FONT DESIGN - Four-band SW/FM/AM/TV radio with a large frequency display shows a very clear scale, it is more convenient to select stations. The unique large font design is very suitable for the elderly. Easy to see, easy to understand.
    • LOW DISTURBANCE -This Geepas radio with a bass speaker, good sound quality. It is capable to provide you clear music as it has low disturbance noise.
    • ULTRA-PORTABLE DESIGN, COMFORTABLE - This radio is lightweight and compact, perfect to carry. It comes with an additional handy lift, which will make it very convenient to bring with you anywhere - from a drive to a stroll in the park.
    • EQUALIZER WITH MUTE FUNCTION - This Geepas Rechargeable Radio comes with various voice setting option with a mute feature for sudden sound off.
    • HEADPHONE OUTPUT - Stream your music bu connecting any audio device via the 3.5mm AUX input. Headphone-out allows you to listen to your music in private.
    Brand Geepas
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