Geepas Powerful 7 Egg Boiler| GEB63020UK

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Product Details
  • Brand:Geepas
  • Model no:GEB63020UK
  • Product Type:Egg Boiler
  • Easy to clean: Yes
  • Compact design: Yes
  • Capacity: 7 egg
  • Color: Multi
  • warranty: 2 years
Product Description
  • A Quick, Healthy And Hassle-Free Breakfast Solution
  • The Geepas egg boiler maintains all the egg nutrients and carefully prepares them without burning. The heat is efficiently distributed while keeping all the deliciousness and taste preserved. It saves you the trouble of having to look after the eggs.
  • Can Cook Up To 7 Eggs At Once - This boiler tray has a capacity of 7 eggs. You can get them cooked at a time. It is great for large family breakfasts and entertaining during family gatherings.
  • Multiple Cooking Features - This egg boiler can do more than just boiling. Do you like your eggs poached? You can enjoy that too! This boiler comes with a versatile tray that can be used for poaching, boiling and omelette making. Now you can try out all of your egg creations on this multifunctional egg cooker.
  • Auto-Off, Overheat And Water Dry Protection - Ever had those times when you put the eggs for boiling and later forgot them only to find them cracked and crisp? Well don't fret, this device turns off automatically after the eggs are cooked. When the appliance temperature is increasing a certain limit, it turns it off automatically and saves your appliance and the eggs. This device also turns off when the water is shallow. It protects the eggs from getting dry or burned.
  • Power Light Indicator, Easy To Clean - This boiler has an indicator light that lets you know when your device is in operation. This egg boiler is simple in design and is easy to clean. It saves your time and effort.
  • Space-Saving Design - This egg boiler has a large egg cooking capacity and has a compact design.
  • Poached Egg & Omelet Tray x 1
  • Egg Tray With 7 Eggs Holding Capacity x 1
  • Measuring Cup With Piercing Pin x 1
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Brand Geepas
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