Geepas Digital Bathroom Scale

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  • Brand: Geepas
  • Model Number:GBS4213
  • Type: Bathroom Scale
  • Color:Multicolor
  • Capacity: 2.5kg-150kg
  • Power Supply:3 Volts
  • Housing Material: ABS
  • Battery Type: CR2032 Lithium
  • 3 units: kg/lb/st
  • Over load indication : Yes
  • Low battery Indication : Yes

  • COMPACT DESIGN - This weighing scale successfully fit into the interior of any home. Its small weight and compact design allow you to carry and store it in any convenient place.
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY - As soon as you stand on the electronic scale, the display will instantly show you your weight scale. On such a digital display, your data will conveniently be displayed in large font. For normal operation of the bathroom scale it's not desirable to become on the display.
  • TEMPERED GLASS - This scale body is covered with high-quality tempered picture glass that will prevent any damages. The device looks quite fragile, but thanks to this material it can withstand weight up to 150 kg. Therefore, you can confidently stand on it and not be afraid of breakdowns.
  • AUTO ON-OFF - The smart scale is automatically switched on and off when you stand on it or finish work with the device. The auto-off feature saves battery power. 1 x 3V CR2032 lithium battery will be enough for several months of daily use of scale. It will also save you money on buying new batteries.
  • WEIGHT CONTROL -Any weight over 2.5 kg and up to 150 kg / 330 lb scale will automatically respond, turn on and show your weight scale. If you no longer use the scale, it will turn off and the data on the digital display will disappear. When the digital scales are turned on again, the data will automatically be reset to 0.
  • OVER-LOAD INDICATION -If the scale is overloaded, the indicator will light up and indicate that the scales may be damaged. Due to this, the device will not work in vain and will not break.
  • HIGH ACCURACY - In the process of losing or gaining weight, each kilogram is very important in order to accurately form your diet. This weighing scale body will maintain its accuracy and will not be mistaken for many years.
  • DAMAGE PROTECTION - Tempered glass prevents any damages and scratches on the surface of the bathroom scale. For a long and high-quality work, it is also necessary to stand only on a hard surface and avoid contact of the device with water.
  • 3 UNIT READING - For convenience, you can change the units on the scales bathroom body fat. The device allows you to choose between kg, lb and st. To switch units of measurement, press the corresponding button next to the device's power button.
  • Brand Geepas
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