Geepas 8 Pieces Doughnut Maker - Non-stick Plate

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  • Brand:Geepas
  • Model Number:GNM36531
  • Type: Nut Maker
  • Color: Black
  • Power (Watt) : 650-780W
  • Number of Nut pieces: 8
  • Cool touch housing
  • Power On & ready indicator: Yes
  • Non-stick cooking plate: Yes
  • Skid-resistant feet: Yes
  • AC 220-240V 50/60Hz 650-780W

    • Geepas 8Pcs Nuts Maker are not just what silly youngsters do in their cars on the weekend. It is also a name for the world's tastiest little pastries! But they're not only tasty, but they can also be a little hard to get to you often have to go to a theme park to get some of the classic mini nuts.
    • The non-stick coating is as effective as possible during the cooking process, as well as very easy to care for.Energy saving in the process of cooking (non-stick coating makes the walls and bottom of the dishes thicker, due to which there are uniform heating and maintenance of heat.


    • NON-STICK PLATES - Non-stick coating plates are very easy to clean. They also will not break the surface of food and keep perfect looking when you take food off. You do not need to add oil in the cooking process which can reduce fat intake and keep healthy.
    • 8 PCS AT ONCE - 780W power Doughnut maker with constant heating temperature. Just designed for a perfect pop and is capable to can make 8 delicious crisp nuts at once in just a few minutes. This nut with the shape of a round oval is one kind of fried food, which is applied to food-making in catering industries and home.
    • INDICATOR LIGHT -There an indicator light on the cover.The red light on means that power is on. Automatic thermostatic control, the indicator goes out, proves that the nut is cooked.
    • COOL TOUCH HOUSING, SKID RESISTANT FEET - This Geepas 8 Pcs Nuts Maker is built with cool-touch housing material avoids getting hurt by hot fingers when you open your nut maker. Using the cool touch handle lets you safely open the lid to check on cooking and turn your donut for even browning. It also included non-slip feet and built-in cord storage for safe and convenient use and storage.
    • COMPACT, EASY STORAGE - This Geepas 8 Pcs Doughnut Maker with a sleek and slim design is easy to store and clean. It takes less place and avoids clutter in your kitchen.
    Brand Geepas
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