Geepas 200W Hand Mixer with 5 Speed

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  • Brand:Geepas
  • Model Number:GHM6127
  • Type:Hand mixer
  • Color:White
  • Power: 200 Watt
  • Eject button: Yes
  • 5 speed with turbo function: Yes
  • 2 beaters and 2 hooks: Yes
  • AC 220-240V 50/60Hz 200W

    • The Geepas 200W Hand Mixer is a compact machine for your kitchen that helps in preparing a variety of recipes. It comes with 5 speed control options, 2 beaters and 2 hooks with turbo function for excellent beating experience. It does not require any installation, thus extremely convenient to use.
    • A powerful 200W motor drives 5-speed settings and turbo function, providing enough power and control for all your baking needs. The machine has been designed to be easy and comfortable to hold, and it is simple to switch between speeds using your thumb.


    • 5 SPEED WITH TURBO FUNCTION - Powerful 200W motor with 5-speed settings carry out processes of whipping and mixing for an extra boost of power. Indispensable for cooking dough. Due to the increased speed, the dough turns out to be homogeneous. Turn this function periodically because the mixer motor overheats when the load is high.
    • 200W POWER - This power is sufficient for whipping and for kneading thick dough. The Geepas Hand Mixer is the perfect kitchen companion. It's lightweight, easy to use, and powerful enough for most kitchen tasks. The design mixes cream plastic and stainless steel that is easy to wipe clean.
    • BEATERS AND DOUGH HOOKS - Beaters will help to beat eggs, cream, mix cookie or cake batter recipe, and hooks help to knead the short or thick dough for bread. In the mandatory mixer, the set includes 2 types of attachments: for whipping and mixing. The ideal kitchen accessory for budding bakers, you are fully equipped to tackle any baking task.
    • STAINLESS STEEL- Made of ultrahigh-strength stainless steel. Super-sleek durable and resistant to rust. Mixing flawlessly and easily from the very lightest of souffle through to the toughest of dough mixtures. The ergonomic and lightweight handle makes the mixer easy to hold and maneuver and avoids fatigue.
    • EJECT FUNCTION - The nozzle reset button allows you to quickly remove and replace them. All removable parts are dishwasher safe, lightweight for Convenience of use. Stylish and sleek in a robust silver and black design. Thumb-operated speed control. It uses up an AC voltage of 220 - 240V & has a frequency of 50/60Hz.
    Brand Geepas
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