Geepas 1350W Digital Air Fryer 3.2L - Hot Air Circulation Technology For Oil-Free Low Fat Dry Fry Cooking Healthy Food

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Product Details
  • Brand:Geepas
  • Model no:GAF37512
  • Product Type:Digital Air Fryer
  • Capacity: 3.2L
  • Touch Screen: Yes
  • LCD Display: Yes
  • Double Protection Layers: Yes
  • Non-stick basket: Yes
  • Easy to Clean: Yes
  • Cool touch housing: Yes
  • Frequency: AC 220-240V 50Hz
  • Power:1500W
  • Warranty: 2 Years
Product Description
  • LARGE CAPACITY - Our large air fryer with 3.2 liters of cooking capacity so you can easily cook enough healthy low-fat food to feed small family using little to no oil.
  • TOUCHSCREEN LCD DISPLAY, DOUBLE PROTECTION - The fryer has a touchscreen LCD display that lets you set the timer and temperature and also tells the progress of the food being fried. It has double protection layers for ensuring safety. You can cook various food items in it including but not limited to fries, chicken, sausages, gammon and more.
  • 2.6L NON-STICK BASKET WITH LFGB & FDA - This air fryer has a large capacity basket of 2.6L. You can cook meals for the whole family at a time. The basket is made entirely from non-stick material and is gentle on the food. It does not get greasy so you can get your fried food out with ease. It is LFGB, and FDA passed and safe for your health.
  • EASY CLEAN - Fully detachable fry basket allows for easy cleaning and is completely dishwasher safe! So, you can fry, grill, bake and roast healthy oil-free food for your whole family
  • This air fryer uses fast circulating hot air for cooking the food instead of oil. It keeps food healthy and low on cholesterol levels. It allows healthy frying with 80% less fat. With this cooker, you can still achieve the fancy crisp of fried food and enjoy it without having to worry about grease and oil issues. Cook smart, stay smart. The rapid air circulation also saves energy and fries food faster.
  • SMART DIGITAL DISPLAY - We designed the air fryer to be both easy to use and intuitive. Use the digital LCD control select 1 of 7 preset cooking modes or utilise the independent temperature control and timer to have complete flexibility over cooking time and heat.
  • COOL TOUCH HOUSING AND HANDLE, NON-SLIP FEET - The outer body of the fryer is made from a non-conducting material that stays cool even during the cooking process. The handle is also safe to use. The base of the fryer has specially designed non-slip feet. This ensures safety and prevents the device from falling off your kitchen counter.
  • FAMILY SIZE FRY BASKET - The sides of the fry basket are fitted with a specifically designed ventilation grille, this allows the super-heated air to pass through at high speed creating a cyclone effect that quickly and efficiently cooks food. The bottom of the fry basket is lined with holes to remove any fat produced during the cooking process.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE PARTS -The fryer parts including the basket are dishwasher safe
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