Royalford Crystalia Round Canister 1000ml, RF10083, Clear

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  • Brand:Royalford
  • Model Number:RF10083
  • Type:Canister
  • Color:Clear
  • Material:Glass
  • Capacity:1000ml
  • Dimensions:‎‎13.6 x 10.7 x 10.5 cm
  • Weight:120gm
      Royalford Make Your Organization Different Perfect for storing dry food.Our airtight food storage canister rid your kitchen of all the plastic bags used to store dried goods, snacks, baking ingredients, assorted sundries, etc. You will be delighted when you see shelves are orderly organized and all the contents labelled and visible. Besides, the container is sturdy and the lid seal securely providing assurance for the contents put inside. Food grade material offers a no-worry storage solution for your everyday use.The silicon ring perfectly prevents your food from moisture and air. So your food can keep dry and fresh for weeks and weeks. Our container is made of premium shatterproof material. Thick and sturdy. Perfect for everyday use. These space-savers do not waste any precious space in your pantry. Keep your cabinets organized with a modular shape.
    • PANTRY STORAGE - Use this large round jar to sort & store beans, candy, cereal, cookies, sugar, flour, rice, pasta, pickles, powders, honey, jerky, oatmeal, nuts, snacks, salt, herbs, spices, sauces, baking goods and other dry and liquid foods.
    • LEAK PROOF AND SEAL - The clear plastic jar container is designed with a sealed lid, this creates an airtight seal to give protection for your things, keep things away from dust, water. Strong and durable to use. This container with a lid that creates a tight, non-leaking seal so your slime or putty won't dry out. Keep your DIY slime projects safe and secure ridge-less canister to allow all your little slime makers to show off their creations.
    • KEEP YOUR FOOD FRESH AND DRY, SUITABLE STORAGE SIZE - This tall container is supplied with a lid that closes on the side, which ensures maximum freshness and long-term storage of the food by sealing it tightly. It protects your food from air and water so you no longer have to worry about your favourite foods being out of date, especially ideal for flour or sugar. Also great for other loose foods such as beans, grains, cereal, rice, oatmeal, tea, pasta, staple foods, spices, snacks, crackers, potato chips and cookies bothers you more.
    • MULTI-PURPOSE – Take it with you across the kitchen and use it for arts and crafts, home improvement, pet treats, small parts, nails, paint, slime, beads, coins, cotton balls, vitamins, dietary supplements, quits, dressers, cosmetics and much more. The sky is the limit!
    • PERFECT SIZE, STACKABLE DESIGN - This clear dry food container can be stacked vertically to make more efficient use of every inch of your kitchen. Whether you have a large or small pantry, this durable container can help you organize your kitchen and pantry better. It has a huge capacity of 800 ml. Capacity - This jar is the perfect size for slime and foam balls and is the perfect storage container for cookies, sugar, flour, cereal, pasta, coffee, tea, spices, candy, rice and other dry items Kitchen utensils.
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