Dremel Stylo+ Versatile Precision Carft tool F0132050JA

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Product Details
  • Brand: Dremel
  • Model Number: F 013 205 0JA
  • Type: Multifunction Tool Kit
  • Color: Gray/Black/Blue
  • Power: 9W
  • Idle Speed: 5000 - 22000 rpm
  • Operating Voltage: 240 V
  • Dimensions(L x W): 160 mm x 30 mm
  • Weight: 105g
Product Description
  • Provides the best results for versatile craft projects.
  • Maximum Control - Slim size allows you to get even closer to your work piece.
  • Comfortable Grip - Lightweight design for extended use.
  • Quiet - Compact motor is perfect for home use.
  • Variable speed for optimal control in a variety of different applications.
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Brand Dremel
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