Delcasa Lilac Glass Jar 1.7L With Plastic Lid, DC1079, Multicolor

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  • Brand:Delcasa
  • Model Number:DC1079
  • Type:Glass Jar
  • Color:Multicolor
  • Material:Glass & Plastic
  • Capacity: 1.7 L
    • DURABLE AND HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL AND DESIGN - Made out of the premium quality glass with a compact lid, the Delcasa Plastic 1.7 Litre Multi-Purpose Jug with Coloured Lid is the best combination of comfort, convenience, and style. The durable material is strong and also is easy to maintain over a long period of time, rendering this water jug a perfectly economic investment for every home.
    • EASY TO FILL - The transparent glass design allows the user to check the amounts of liquid in the jug and refill accordingly, especially useful during parties and barbeques.
    • LEAD-FREE- It is lead-free and really safe to use as it doesn't have chemicals added. Every person with children or pets is aware of the many potential accidents that are caused by hours of running around and accidentally bumping into things. The last thing you need during a fun garden party or barbecue is fresh juice or beverages spilt all over the floor.
    • SPILL PROOF LID AND SAFE TO USE - This can be prevented by using the Delcasa Plastic 1.7 Litre Multi-Purpose Jug with Lid. The spill-proof lid only dispenses the drinks when turned to face the dispenser. Now you can avoid accidents and enjoy that summer barbecue worry free! Once you're done with an eventful party, no need to fret about washing piles of dishes or at least one dish in particular!
    • DURABLE MATERIAL – The Delcasa Glass 1.7 Litre multi-purpose jar with a tight lid is made of durable, high quality lead-free and food-grade glass material. This material can be maintained over a long period of time with minimal effort.
    • MULTI-PURPOSE USE – It can be used at home as a water jug or for filling juice on picnics. It is great for parties and outdoor gatherings to serve beverages to a large group of people with ease.
    • REMOVABLE LID, EASY TO CLEAN – After a fun party, or picnic, the last thing you need to worry is about washing up this multi-purpose jug has a broad mouth and a removable lid to makes it easier while you fill it and even makes it simple to clean it.
    • SPILL-PROOF LID – The Delcasa Glass 1.7 Litre Multi-Purpose Jar with lid has a spill-proof nature. This is great for all drinks and beverages. Also, the lid is spill-proof ensuring that the beverages do not leak out of the jug if it is tipped over or used incorrectly.
    • STYLISH DESIGN – With a colourful lid and transparent body, the Delcasa Plastic 1.3 Litre Multi-Purpose Jug with Lid is stylish and pretty. It is a great addition to every home and is simple, minimal, and modern.
    • ON/OFF POURING SPOT – This jug has an easy to operate through thumb button on the lid can be turned on and off whenever it is not in use which will not let the drinks to drinks to spill outside.
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