Delcasa Ironing Board 34 x 97 cm, DC1401, Multicolour

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  • Brand:Delcasa
  • Model Number:DC1401
  • Type:Ironing Board
  • Color:Multicolour
  • Cover material:Cotton
  • Frame material:Iron
  • Size:34 x 97 cm
  • Weight:3.72kg
    • Suitable For All Users This large ironing board is ideal for your everyday task of ironing full loads of laundry. It features different adjustable working heights to accommodate the user's height and preference. Suitable for both left and right-handed use, this ironing board boasts of a metal iron rest that is provided at the head of the ironing table for easy resting.Iron with ease on this large ironing board featuring a clothes rack and hanger so you can benefit from more clothes storage space. Safe and Dependable Equipped with several child-locks underneath, the iron table prevents accidental collapse and is, therefore, safe to use even around a busy household.
    • Durable non-slip caps at the ends of the rod's legs help prevent damage to flooring and from toppling over due to brusque movements. The extra stable four-leg design keeps the board sturdy while in use, creating an even and rigid ironing surface. The adjustable height mechanism allows the board to be positioned at your preferred working height.Easy Storage While the transport lock keeps it securely folded for storage, rubber ends at the legs of the iron stand prevent slippage and damage to your flooring. Setting up takes less than five seconds, and it is just as easy to compactly fold after use. Simply store in a corner of your clothing cabinet or at any available space in an upright manner.
    • HEAT RESISTANT COVER WITH 8mm FOAM PAD - This ironing board has a charming and classy feel on top of its functionality. It has a heat resistant cotton cover with 8mm soft foam which will give an extra grip while ironing.
    • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - This Delcasa Pro Ironing Board can adjust its height according to your need to avoid bending while pressing your clothes.
    • FOLDABLE AND DURABLE - The iron stand can be folded onto itself, saving you some storage space when not in use. Perfect for use in condominiums and other dwelling units with limited free space. The large ironing surface is sturdy and adjustable and will last you for a long period of time.
    • SAFETY LOCK - This Ironing Board is safe to use as it comes with a safety lock system that will prevent it from collapsing accidentally to avoid harm to anyone in your home and keeps your children safe.
    • IRON REST - It is easy to store iron on this board as the iron rest holds it perfectly without causing any damage to the clothes and cover.
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