Bosch Home and Garden PSS 200 Random-orbit Sander 200 W ,93 x 185 mm

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Product Details
  • Brand: Bosch
  • Type: Sander
  • Nominal consumption:200 W
  • Useful power:125 W
  • Rectangular sanding surface:167 cm² (92 x 182 mm)
  • Number of oscillations:24,000 opm
  • Orbit diameter:2.0 mm
  • Machine weight:1.6 kg
  • Clamping system:93 x 230 mm
Product Description
  • The ideal solution for finer and faster sanding, with a powerful 200 Watt motor and a 92x182 mm sanding surface
  • Clean work thanks to the Bosch microfilter system: the integrated suction element sucks dust directly into the microfilter box supplied
  • Sanding sheet clamping system with tensioning lever for quick and convenient change of sanding sheet clamping
  • Dust suction connection
  • Dust-free thanks to Bosch micro filter system
  • Simple and quick sanding sheets changes with grinding plate with velcro
  • Exact handling due to ergonomic grip.
  • Softgrip to work more comfortably
  • Highest surface quality on large surfaces. The ideal solution for the finest grinding and fast grinding step with powerful 200-watt motor and a grinding surface of 93 x 185 mm.
  • Clean work thanks to Bosch Micro filter system: The integrated vacuum cleaner element sucks the dust directly into the supplied micro filter box. Hook-and-loop fastener for quick and easy changing of sanding sheets.
Brand Bosch
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