Bosch Electric Rotary Lawn Mower Rotak 34 R

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Product Details
  • Brand:Bosch
  • Type:Lawn Mower
  • Motor power:1.300 W
  • Torque:15 Nm
  • Width of cut:34 cm
  • Cutting system:Rotary blade
  • Weight:11.1 kg
  • Grass box capacity:40 l
  • Height of cut:20 – 70 mm
  • Height-of-cut settings:5, central
  • Handle type:Standard
  • Height of cut, from:20 mm
  • Height of cut, up to:70 mm
Product Description
  • A 1300 W Powerdrive motor ensures a reliable cut, even in challenging situations
  • GrassCombs deliver clean results along edges, driveways, fences, and walls
  • Ideal for small- to medium-sized lawns
  • A large-capacity, 40-litre grass box reduces interruptions for emptying
Achieve Great Results Effortlessly With A Healthy, Comfortable Posture
  • This compact lawnmower cuts right to the edge – there is no need to trim after mowing anymore
  • The Powerdrive motor ensures reliable cutting performance, even in difficult situations, such as in long grass
  • With GrassCombs, the Rotak 34 R automatically cuts clean edges along flowerbeds, walls, and walkways
  • It is very lightweight, only 11.1 kg making it easy to manoeuvre around objects and transport
  • It is suitable for mowing small- to medium-sized lawns and cutting tidy edges
  • Spend less time emptying grass cuttings with the 40-litre stackable grass box
Masters All Types of Applications
  • The Bosch ARM 34 Ergoflex handles allow you to mow in a healthy posture.
  • The grass box can hold a maximum of 40 litres and the mower is easy to store.
Faster & Better Results Along Edges
  • GrassCombs reduce finishing time by ensuring clean cutting along edges and next to walls
Rear roller for stripes
    The integrated rear roller gives your lawn a traditional striped finish.
Brand Bosch
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