Balance Board, Multicolor

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  • Type: Balance board
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size:39.5x10 cm
    • Anti-skid Performance: Abrasion-resistant ABS platform with 6 non-skid feet and non-slip textured surface for maximum stability and added strength, you'll feel stable while exercising even when you're sweaty
    • 360 DEGREE ROTATION & 15 DEGREE TILTING ANGLE. It is great to perform side to side, front to back, stretch and circular drills. Improve your balance, coordination, and flexibility while targeting and strengthening core areas of your body. Perfect for balance training and core stability workouts
    • Portable Balance Board: With portable handle design, and it is lightweight, very easy to take with you to gym, to office or travel or at home
    • Compact & Durable: Made with durable plastic and TPR material.
    • This wobble balance board provides a stable workout rehabilitation and physical therapy for anyone trying to overcome an injury, be it adult athletes or dancers, kids playing sports, or seniors after surgery
    • The balance board with two handles on the side weighing 3 kg is one of the exercise tools that you will enjoy using it very much. On top of it, you can use this pill as weight training in one or both hands
    • And when you stand on the exercise tool, you maintain your balance by adjusting the position of your body to the left, left, front and back, and while you enjoy this gentle exercise and try to maintain the balance of your body, you will have stretched dozens of muscles without feeling any stress, and you can also do the exercise on one foot or both feet depending on the degree of your progress In training
    • It is especially suitable for those who are in recovery and need to practice physical therapy after joint injuries
    • It is also suitable for yoga practitioners and also movement sports that include maneuvering the body while playing such as ball games, gymnastics, skiing, skating, karate, judo and other sports that need to maintain the balance of the body during their practice
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