Four Fruit junour toothbrush + paste

Four Fruit junour toothbrush + paste
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  • Brand :Four Fruit
  • Toothbrush with Aroma Kid's toothbrush scented with the natural aromas of apple, banana, orange or strawberry.
  • Soft Bristles and Balanced Handle The ovalised head facilitates access to the pre-molars while the medium bristles with end-rounding avoid trauma to milk teeth.
  • Description

    The handle is balanced so as to keep the bristles facing upwards should the toothbrush accidentally fall, thus avoiding contact with bacteria.

    Fluoride Toothpaste Sugar free with fluoride, it actively prevents the formation of bacterial plaque and tooth decay, matching the toothbrush, fruity flavoured toothpaste: apple, banana, orange and strawberry.

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