Flamo Gel chafing fuel - 200g

CubaT-Flamo Gel chafing fuel - 200g
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  • Brand:Flamo
  • Type:Gel chafing fuel
  • Quantity:200g
    • Flamo brand of gel chafing fuels will consistently deliver the heat and safety as per every customer demands for all food and beverage presentations. Flamo delivers maximum heat and keeps cooked food in its optimum holding temperature even when the lids of the chaffers are open.
    • Flamo ensures that foods and beverages are kept at the desired serving temperature. Flamo gel fuels has the least amount of soot residue and odor, its clean burning and has absolutely no negative impact on food preparations.
    • Flamo cans come in different sizes and fits the needs of most food service functions.
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