Flamingo Gel Exercise Ball-Universal

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  • Brand: Flamingo
  • Categery:Gel Exercise Ball
  • Colour : Red
  • Ideal for hand and hand exercise
  • Durable and good quality product
  • Flamingo Gel Exercise Ball is a great product for the people who had undergone an arm surgery as it helps in the recovery of the hand in the most effective manner.
  • This product is a perfect hand and finger exerciser to improve the grip strength, dexterity, mobility and fine or gross motor skills.
  • Gel Exercise Ball helps in withstanding the unlimited squeezing.
  • It also provides therapeutic relief and excellent stress relief to the user.
  • Flamingo Gel Exercise Ball is widely accredited as a product used for the purpose of training of hands, fingers and wrists.
  • The ball that we offer is pleasant to touch and available in different s to suit different preferences and requirements of the customers.
  • One of the specialties of this ball is that it returns back to its original shape and size after squeezing it every time.
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Size Universal
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