Flaminett (Stockinette) 3" - 7.5cm

Flaminett (Stockinette) 3" - 7.5cm
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  • Brand: Flamingo
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  • Usually used post fracture as a base before application of plaster. Two-way pull.
  • Can be used as pull on sleeve or can be wrapped around. Made of 100% cotton. 10MTR Roll
  • Helps improve blood circulation & control swelling.No pins or tape needed, quick easy & seamless fitting.
  • Made from 100% cotton yarn, ideal for underlining of orthotic aid.Improves blood circulation, helps control inflammation.
  • No pins or tape required, quick easy seamless fitting.Made of 100 percent cotton yarn.Ideal for underlining orthotic support.Flamingo Flaminette (Cotton Stockinette Bandage) is helpful in all orthopaedic and general use.
  • Made as per BP standards.Made of absorbent, unbleached, knitted cotton.Use as a removable, washable liner under splints or orthotic aid
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    Size 7.5 CM
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