Feline Breed Nutrition Siamese Adult 2 Kg

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Product Details
  • Brand: Feline
  • Product Type:Cat Food
  • Suitable for: Cat
  • Quantity:2 Kg
  • Crude Protein : 38%
  • Crude Fat : 16%
  • Crude Ash : 7.7%
  • Crude Fibres : 1.4%
  • Vitamin A : 31,000 IU/kg
Product Description
  • Feline Breed Nutrition Siamese Adult 2 Kg
  • Nourishes skin and the signature Siamese coat with targeted levels of amino acids, vitamins, and fatty acids
  • Enriched with L-carnitine to promote healthy fat metabolism
  • Maintains slender and muscular bodies with high protein and moderate fat levels
  • Supports healthy digestion with highly digestible proteins and prebiotics
  • Specially designed tube-shaped kibble is easy for the narrow and long Siamese cat muzzle to grasp
  • Brand Feline
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