Exercise Hurdle Set, Multicolor

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  • Type:Hurdle Set
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Material:Plastic
  • Number of Cone: 8 pieces
  • Cone Height:50cm
  • Number of Cone stand:8 pieces
  • Stick length:1M
  • Number of Stick:4 pieces
    • Adjustable hurdle heights - agility hurdle cones comes in two different cone heights 15 inches and 18 inches the agility poles secure inside the holes in the cones and can be adjusted to make the hurdle for different training options
    • Heavy duty build - The holes in the cones provide a secure fit so that your agility poles don't move during use.
    • Agility poles are made from a thick gauge, plastic, to ensure they remain straight through extensive training and use
    • Quick and easy set-up - get the most out of your training time with a hassle less set-up and break down.
    • Agility cones stack together for easy transport and storage
    • Exercise Hurdle Set consist of 8 pcs of 50 cm cone with hole, 8 pcs of cone stand , and 4 pcs of 1M stick
    • The heavy duty agility cones and resistant agility poles will stand up to serious training abuse. The high visibility agility hurdle cone set is great for physical therapy, recreational use, general fitness, and amateur or professional sports training
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